Mount Pleasant

With the third largest population among the municipalities of Greater Charleston (5th in the state), Mount Pleasant is arguably the most popular bedroom community in South Carolina. With the major container ship facility at the Wando Port and tourism providing the bulk of its industry, most Greater Charlestonians would agree that the real business of Mount Pleasant is home building, as it has more new neighborhoods and major planned communities than most of the other municipalities combined. Geographically, what Long Island is to Manhattan, Mount Pleasant is to Peninsular Charleston, and where New York has the Brooklyn Bridge, the Queensborough Bridge, and the Triborough Bridge as their primary lifelines across the East River, Greater Charleston has the Ravenel Bridge and the sister bridges that comprise the northeast loop of the Mark Clark Expressway (I-526) to hop the Cooper and Wando Rivers into Mount Pleasant and the larger “East Cooper” area. Most of Mount Pleasant’s recent growth explosion can be attributed to the recent unpopularity the area suffered before the three new bridges were built. But that’s all changed now, and the newly created views from these three bridges offer some of the most spectacular vistas on the East Coast.

Framed by the very deep Wando River to the west and  scenic Sullivans Island and Isle of Palms hugging it’s marshy coastline to the east, Mount Pleasant was surely destined to become a major suburban success story. And being just minutes from downtown Charleston it’s no surprise that tourists have joined the locals in making Mount Pleasant a dining hotspot second only to the downtown historic district. Also part of Charleston County, Mount Pleasant is recognized for having some of the better public schools including the 4-A powerhouse Wando High School, which is the East Cooper area’s only public high school. The East Cooper area is also recognized for its excellent youth training opportunities, and exceptional parks and playgrounds for youth sports.

Having history that dates back to the founding of Charleston in the late 1600’s, Mount Pleasant offers a great number of tourist attractions. Among the historic sites is Boone Hall Plantation and the Charles Pinckney National Historic Site, while the more contemporary tourist will surely seek out Shem Creek for an especially scenic seafood dining experience.  But the Patriots Point Maritime museum and its famous centerpiece, the USS Yorktown of WWII fame, is definitely Mt. Pleasant’s absolute must see attraction, especially for military buffs and families with kids. Patriots Point has more to see and learn than anyone could possibly absorb in a single day, and the views from the Yorktown are among the best in Greater Charleston. Mt. Pleasant is also home to many of Greater Charleston’s most popular Golf Courses, including the Patriots Point Links and its panoramic harborside vistas.  And for those of you who like to get out on foot, the Ravenel Bridge walking/biking path is our number one rated healthy adventure… you won’t believe your eyes, and your lungs will thank you for all the fresh air.  In 2007 Mount Pleasant had an estimated population just below 65,000.

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