Lenders Have the Say

Lenders can change the terms of the sale depending on market conditions, new laws and lender’s own in-house governing guidelines.

Lenders are not required to disclose the condition of the property nor the results of any Broker Price Opinion (BPO) that was done on the property.

Lenders dictate what commission amounts are acceptable to be paid to the buyer’s or seller’s agent.

Lenders may insist the purchase contract allow for the consideration of higher offers during the short sale process.

Any existing junior liens, unpaid property taxes, Homeowners Association (HOA) liens, etc. are all stumbling blocks and must be cleared before the transaction can close.

A buyer’s lender may not be anxious to accept a loan application on a property that may never result in an actual closed transaction/sale.

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Daniel Island

The third major section of the City of Charleston is the Peninsular Island across the Copper River named Daniel Island. Thanks to the Cooper River on the west and the Wando River to the east (both shipping ports), until the Mark Clark Expressway (I-526) was constructed in the early 90’s Daniel Island was literally cut off from the rest of Charleston, and even today it has the unique distinction as the only section of the City that is not contiguous with the rest of Charleston, nor is it a part of Charleston County.

Johns Island

Located a 15 minute drive from downtown Charleston via West Ashley and over the Stono River lies Johns Island. This island is the second largest island on the eastern seaboard next to Long Island, NY. It can be described as the least developed land mass in the Charleston area. The locals of Johns Island are passionate… Read More

Seabrook Island

Seabrook Island has got to be Greater Charleston’s most enigmatic community. It is a true resort community known best for being Kiawah Island’s next door neighbor and is one of the most internationally recognized Islands in South Carolina, yet it’s not even an island, and though it’s a fully guarded and gated community, it’s also… Read More

Sullivan’s Island

In a region where coastal living and American history are the hallmarks, Sullivan’s Island is easily the compelling of all the islands of Greater Charleston. For locals, there are no finer beaches than those on Sullivan’s (aka Sully’s or Sully’s I). The views and angles are spectacular, the sands are white and broad, and the… Read More

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