Foreclosure Bidding Process

At times, bidding on a property at foreclosure can seem like a leap of faith. There are many unknowns to a potential buyer standing at the courthouse steps. For many buyers, it will require a strong constitution and a significant desire for a specific property to be able to commit to making a sizable investment without having all of the definite answers about the property. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Typically, a buyer will not have prior access to the property for inspections or an appraisal.
  • The sale is always “as is” and must be a “cash” purchase. The sale becomes final after 10 days of the bidding date.
  • Buyer will not know the lender’s opening bid until a few days prior to the sale. For many potential buyers, this makes it difficult to plan for the necessary funds.
  • Buyer will be required to make a 5% “cash” deposit, based on the purchase price, on the actual day of the sale.
  • Buyer must pay the balance due within a couple of weeks of the sale or risk forfeiting the entire cash deposit remitted the day of the sale.

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