For Sale By Owners

First , I want to let you know that I sincerely wish you the best of luck in your attempt to sell your property yourself.

Second , I want you to ask yourself:
Why am I trying to do this on my own without the help of a real estate professional? (Click on the down arrows by each Theory below for the real skinny.)

Theory: I'll save money on commissions.
Truth: Studies done by the National Association of Realtors® (NAR) show that Sellers who use the services of a real estate professional receive approximately 16% more for their property after commissions have been paid.
Theory: I can advertise my property better than anyone else.
Truth: Advertising is costly! This expense can run significantly more than the average Seller wants to or is financially able to incur. As a Coldwell Banker Associate, I  can market your property with Coldwell Banker’s innovative marketing tools to bring you that Buyer that may either be in your local area or across the country. I would welcome the opportunity to tell you about the unique tools and approach that Coldwell Banker uses to match up Buyers with our Sellers. No other real estate company can compare to the tools Coldwell Banker has developed!

Theory: I can hold Open Houses as well as an Agent can.
Truth: Most Buyers would prefer to view a home without the Seller present. This allows them the opportunity to freely comment or make notations of any items of concern. Sellers have an emotional interest in their property, especially a home; Buyers do not . This difference can sometimes be apparent during a Seller showing their home to a potential Buyer, therefore, leading to an uncomfortable and uneventful showing.

Theory: I can negotiate my price with a Buyer.
Truth: True! The agreed upon price is ultimately YOUR decision, however, a real estate professional may be able to offer some guidance and suggestions that you may not think about or even be aware of. This professional guidance may facilitate the sale of your property and at a price that pleases both you and the Buyer. There are many methods to reach an agreement on price. In most cases, negotiations done through a real estate professional will result in a successful sale, not to mention less stress and confrontation for the Buyer and Seller. Sellers are emotional about their homes and rightly so. Having a real estate professional help with the process eliminates those emotions on the negotiation table.

Theory: I am aware of the various documents needed to sell my property.
Truth: Still, this can be a big stumbling block for most “For Sale by Owners”. Not only are there necessary forms when selling your home, but there are also forms required by law that you must provide to the Buyer. We can help you with this task!

Selling your home can be one of the most important decisions you make. Don’t take it lightly if you want to have successful results.

Contact Me for a complimentary “For Sale by Owner” guide or better yet…STOP pondering what to do next to sell your home. Give me a call or email and I’ll do the rest for you!