Folly Beach

Folly Beach is definitely the life of the party. Locals call it simply “Folly” or “The Edge” (referring to Folly’s nickname “Edge of America”) and it’s widely recognized as home to the most laid back beach community on the East Coast. You’ll think Jimmy Buffet must be somewhere having a margarita in this Key West style island. Vacationers still play a major role in the Folly Beach lifestyle and are warmly welcomed for their spirit of fun and appreciation of our coast. The Folly Beach Fishing Pier is one of the finest publicly managed fishing piers on the East Coast and recently underwent a renovation of sorts. In addition to the pier, Charleston County Parks and Recreation also manages The Folly Beach County Park at the southernmost tip of the island, which provides professionally trained life guards and a beautifully remote family friendly environment, making it the top rated public beach in Greater Charleston.

Dogs laugh with their tails!

Take Folly Road from James Island and you’ll dead-end into the Atlantic if it were not for the beachfront hotel lobby. On Folly you’ll find a host of great little restaurants (best breakfast and lunch is at Lost Dog Cafe), some truly beachy night spots, and several of the best surf and suit shops. At an especially narrow portion of the island near the northern tip is the stretch of beach known as The Washout, which is by far the most popular surfer beach the area. And just a few hundred yards up the beach, just off thenorthern tip is the world famous Morris Island Lighthouse, also known as “Charleston Light.”  The structure is one of our most compelling icons as it stands as a metaphor of our historic war torn past – no longer lit or in action but still standing strong against the currents of time, the same currents that have washed away the shifting sands of an island that no longer exists – yet beautifully preserved for all to learn from and admire.

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Like all the barrier islands of Charleston, many of the beachfront homes on the island serve as beach rentals, but Folly is also a great bedroom community with the vast majority of homes belonging to year round residents.

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