Daniel Island

The third major section of the City of Charleston is the Peninsular Island across the Copper River named Daniel Island. Thanks to the Cooper River on the west and the Wando River to the east (both shipping ports), until the Mark Clark Expressway (I-526) was constructed in the early 90’s Daniel Island was literally cut off from the rest of Charleston, and even today it has the unique distinction as the only section of the City that is not contiguous with the rest of Charleston, nor is it a part of Charleston County. Da

niel Island is actually the southernmost point of Berkeley County, and you’ll have to drive through the City of North Charleston or the Town of Mount Pleasant to get there from Downtown. The virtually brand new Daniel Island has evolved as a 21st century small town community with a rare fusion of deep south Americana in a genuine resort setting, sort of like a small Hilton Head Island but without the beach heads. Daniel Island is home to Charleston’s largest Private High School (the 3-A powerhouse Bishop England High), Blackbaud Soccer Stadium (home to the Charleston Battery professional soccer team), and the Daniel Island Tennis Stadium which is host of the Family Circle Cup, a major professional women’s tennis event. For golf lovers, the prestigious Daniel Island Country Club has been host to several Nationwide Tour Championship tournaments.

Due to the narrow marshland of Beresfords Creek, Daniel Island is in fact a true inland island, though by road it feels more like a river-delta peninsula, similar to one that forms downtown Charleston. Daniel Island is the southeastern most tip of Berkeley County and has it’s own distinct “town” culture. But despite being separated by two rivers and the municipalities of North Charleston to the west and Mount Pleasant to the right, Daniel Island is actually part of the City of Charleston. To locals, the island was always that massive unpopulated, unreachable ”new world” just off the north side of the old Cooper River bridges. It just sat there for decades serving mostly as farmland, but looking every bit like the mysterious frontier the original explorers would have found.. There simply wasn’t any easy way to get there, unless you wanted to drive north to jump the Cooper River just outside of Moncks Corner, and that can be an hour-long trek.

All that began to change in 1990 when the Mark Clark Expressway (I-526) and its dual deep water bridges gave birth to the pristine island town. In 1997 the Island was purchased by the Daniel Island Company who immediately established their master plan community to award winning status. Aside from the mostly rural northbound Clements Ferry Road, the island’s only road access is by way of the Mark Clark Expressway, and while the island still feels very remote, it’s just 15 to 20 minutes from downtown when the traffic is light, and just a 5 minute bridge hop from the Long Point Road retail district of Mount Pleasant.

Over the past decade, Daniel Island has evolved as a 21st century small town community a legitimate resort feel. The Island has nearly every amenity one would expect from an affluent island community on the South Carolina coast; golf, tennis, well-known entertainment events, yachting, restaurants, you name it, they probably have it. If you haven’t explored Daniel Island, give it a test drive. You’ll definitely enjoy the ride!

Daniel Island is not actually a town or a city, but for the above reasons, it deserves to be included in this menu.

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