What is a Foreclosure Sale?

This type of sale typically occurs on the county courthouse steps and is an attempt by the lender to sell the property to the public. The appropriate Master-in-Equity office facilitates a foreclosure sale by a bidding process. The lender determines a minimum bid based on the current market value less some type of discount. The… Read More

Foreclosure Bidding Process

At times, bidding on a property at foreclosure can seem like a leap of faith. There are many unknowns to a potential buyer standing at the courthouse steps. For many buyers, it will require a strong constitution and a significant desire for a specific property to be able to commit to making a sizable investment… Read More

Foreclosure Title Considerations

Foreclosure sales come with their own unique issues regarding a buyer’s receipt of title to the property. Some of those issues are as follows: The trustee’s deed will have no warranties and will convey the property “as is“. The buyer gets no better title than the trustee had to give. It will typically be the… Read More